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The Story of Campisi Co.

From the old country of Sicily in the year 1890, Vincenzo Campisi and his bride Margherita emigrated to Louisiana through New Orleans in search of a better life. Establishing their family in 1891, they became farmers in southern Louisiana. They cultivated all crops, from sugarcane to soybeans, vegetable gardens to citrus trees. And it is from the roots of those trees, 120 years later Campisi Co. was started.

Based on a family recipe, Campisi Co.'s Limoncello "Yellow Canvas" embodies the name entirely, giving you the perfect palette to craft numerous flavorful cocktails. It also can be enjoyed traditionally as an Italian digestivo, perfectly chilled to enjoy after dinner.

Fueled from the inspiration of "Yellow Canvas", we at Campisi Co. went back to the drawing board and experimented with many variations of fruits and flavors, searching for the perfect balance. After months of trial and error, we are happy to unveil our next two products: "Radiant Muse", an Arancello (orange) liqueur and "Ruby Lens", a Fragolecello (strawberry) liqueur. 

Each of the photos used for the labels have been taken by friends and family to capture and share a beautiful experience of Italy in every bottle!

We hope you enjoy this drink as much as we enjoyed making it. Salute!

Every Artist Needs Their Tools...
Lets Create Together


Yellow Canvas

Campisi Co.'s flagship product, "Yellow Canvas" limoncello is a modern spin on the classic Italian digestivo. With a strong, natural lemon flavor, a sweet body and an ever-developing aftertaste, i is the perfect canvas to craft cocktails with or, it is perfectly enjoyed by itself!


Radiant Muse

"Radiant Muse" Arancello (orange cordial) was the second product designed by Campisi Co. Made from fresh Navel Oranges, "Radiant Muse" has a rich citrus aroma, with a slight acidic bite on the front end, that is soon washed down with a vibrant orange-flavored body, leaving you wanting for another glass! 


Ruby Lens

Inspired during the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, "Ruby Lens" Fragolecello (strawberry cordial) was a no-brainer. The all-natural strawberry flavor, a hint of sweetness, and little to no alcohol burn makes this sweet strawberry cordial the perfect sipping drink. After just one glass, you'll be seeing EVERYTHING through a "Ruby Lens".


Meet the Team

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